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Each Management Plan will be based on two key factors:

  • Studies / suggestions of water experts
  • The views of all water related parties, that is to say, of all citizens of the local communities of each River Basin District.

While the experts are already studying and recording ways and methods for proper water management in the area, it is now time to record the views / proposals / observations of all stakeholders.

This process of active involvement of all interested parties or the consultation process is encouraged by the Directive which considers the cooperation between the parties necessary in all phases of implementation and decisive to ensure that the whole process is carried out efficiently and transparently.


As an interested party, each of us can be considered to the extent that everyone affects and is affected by the “good” state of the water.

You are an interested party and can and must take part in the process of collecting views on Water Management Plans if:

  • you are a decision maker party, you have institutional responsibility for decision-making on water management (Ministries, Regions, Municipalities),
  • you are an expert – expert, you are an expert, consultant representatives of an educational institution, a non-governmental organization or a specialized body of the wider public sector,
  • you are a consumer – a consumer of water, you are a farmer or an active citizen, representing the industry, the business or the wider consumer of water supply,
  • you are a manager, that is, you represent parties which have implementation role in water management.

Timetable – WHEN, HOW, WHERE?

In the Archives of the Consultation read and give us your opinion regarding the following:

a) either by completing the questionnaire on the critical water management issues of each River Basin District

b) or by sending any of your observations electronically using the Contact Form

Also, attend the Events and Seminars to be held in selected cities in the country.