In the context of the 1st Update of River Basin Management Plans, detailed methodologies were developed for the following key issues of implementation of Directive 2000/60 / EC:

Anthropogenic Pressures

Hydromorphological Alterations

Specially Modified and Artificial Water Bodies

″Exceptions″ to the achievement of the environmental objectives of Directive 2000/60 / EC

Assessment (classification) of surface water status

The above methodologies have been formulated, inter alia, on the basis of the corresponding EU Guidance Documents, the EU observations following the assessment of the approved Management Plans, the available data from the operation of the National Monitoring Network, and taking into account the particular circumstances prevailing in our country. For the formulation of the methodologies, Working Groups were set up by the Contractors preparing the studies of the 1st Update of the River Basin Management Plans of the National Scientific Committee of the Special Secretariat for Water (SSW) for the determination of the methods of classification of ecological status of all categories of surface water “and Scientific Operation Parties of the National Monitoring Network (HCMR and GBWC).

Analytical national rating methodologies of the biological quality elements (BQEs) for each category of surface water bodies, as approved by the EU and the EU Intercalibration Decisions for each of the Member States, can be updated on a regular basis in accordance with the procedures laid down by the European Commission.

The documents of all above methodologies are available in greek here.