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A Management Plan (MP) is a strategic planning document, which corresponds to a River Basin District (RBD) and provides the necessary information and operational instructions for integrated water management within a river basin. The Management Plan provides a general description of the characteristics of rivers, lakes, coastal waters, ground waters and water-related protected areas. In particular, they include:

  • a summary of the significant pressures and impacts of human activities on the waters,
  • the water monitoring network and the results of the monitoring, which show the ecological, chemical and quantitative status of the waters,
  • a list of the environmental objectives set for the waters,
  • a summary of the economic analysis of water uses,
  • a summary of the programs of measures to be adopted.

Implementation of all the above will lead to the achievement of the main objective of the Directive, namely to achieve a “good” state of water.

The Management Plan of each River Basin District is accompanied by a report assessing the environmental impact of the measures to be taken. This assessment report is called the Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA)

The Content of Management Plans is defined in Article 13 and Annex VII of Directive 2000/60/EC (Article 10 and Annex VII of Presidential Decree 51/2007). The Directive provides for the revision of the Management Plans every five years.